What Are the Qualifications of a Master Stonemason?

March 6, 2017

Master stonemasons are experts in their craft and have gone through specific steps to earn their rank. They need to learn the basic requirements necessary to be a stonemason, apprentice under a master, work as a journeyman for a specific period of time and only then, will they earn the rank of master stonemason. It takes true dedication and diligent effort for the stonemasons to obtain this rank.

Basic Qualifications for All Stonemasons

Prior to earning any rank, all potential stonemasons need certain basic qualifications, such as:

  • Able to work proficiently with their hands
  • Be healthy and strong since slabs of stone are heavy and cumbersome
  • Work well with other people
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Ability to think in a creative manner
  • Have the necessary knowledge to read and adhere to architectural blueprints and specificiations

Steps to Becoming a Master Stonemason

  • Apprenticeship – Each stonemason must serve about a three-year apprenticeship under the guidance and training of a master stonemason to earn the journeyman rank. At times, this also includes taking classes to earn certification, but many still have the craft passed onto them by masters who train them in every aspect of the craft without class work. Apprentices must perform all their tasks under the supervision of the master and cannot work alone at this point in their training.
  • Journeyman – After novice stonemasons finish their apprenticeships with masters, they earn the title of journeyman. At this stage, they can work on their own for an employer to earn wages, but cannot yet open their own shop or train others in the craft. Journeyman stonemasons develop specialties at times, such as banker mason, engraver or carver. Towards the end of the third year as a journeyman, these stonemasons must create their own masterpiece from stone to move on to the rank of master.
  • Master – The master stonemasons need to meet all the above qualifications to earn the master rank. Only the most diligent and knowledgeable of stonemasons make it all the way to this level. After they earn this rank, they can open their own business and help apprentices learn this craft. Masters understand how to utilise the best techniques and tools on each type of stone that they create objects from for their clients.

Hallett Marble will provide you with additional information on the qualifications of a master stonemason upon request along with expert services that our own master stonemasons will perform for you. We offer a wide range of stone elements from flooring to ecclesiastical alters.

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