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Reasons Why White Marble Never Goes Out of Style

March 30, 2017

Trends in home decorating come and go. However, there have been a few classic styles that seem to stick around. One of those classics include the use of white marble. It has a beautiful, classic look that has long been heralded as a smart choice for homeowners.

1. Classic look

White marble has a clean, fresh, and airy look. It can make a smaller area seem larger. It can also lend a sense of formality to a space. This formality can be offset by accessories or other style choices that can easily be changed to keep a kitchen or bath feeling updated.

2. Versatility

Pairing white marble with other design choices is very simple. The perfect example is within the kitchen. White marble countertops can be the perfect offset to darker cabinetry. It can also be paired with white cabinets and a classic backsplash. The possibilities are endless and the looks are created using white marble are timeless.

3. Stylish

If you’re looking to upgrade your fireplace surround, take a look at white marble. It can withstand the heat from the fireplace and look gorgeous for years into the future.

4. Luxury

If you want to make a statement in a small space, why not go for white marble in the bathroom? It can certainly lend itself to making a bathroom feel luxurious. Turning the bathroom into a zen-like, spa setting is a direction that many people are going to. And it is generally well worth the initial investment well into the future.

5. Price

Although still considered a high-ticket item, marble isn’t as expensive as you may believe. And if it is still beyond your budget to buy it for the kitchen counter or other large projects, it is still reasonable to use it in other ways, such as accent pieces.

White marble does require some maintenance and attention. It can stain easily, so pay attention to what you do on it. It will also require re-sealing at semi-regular intervals. Use cleansers that are specially formulated for this type of stone. With the right care it can remain as beautiful and timeless as they day you have it installed.

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