How Customised Marble Fire Surrounds Can Add a Classic Appeal to Your Home

February 6, 2017

Marble has always been a prized building material since ancient times, and it is considered one of the finest and most sought-after materials for the creation of fireplaces. Not only is marble naturally resistant to constant shifts in temperature, but it can also be carved intricately and polished to a beautiful reflective sheen – making it ideal for creating fireplace frames and surrounds.

While brick and tile fireplace surrounds are often the go-to options for people on a budget, or for folks who want a more ‘rustic’ appeal, marble today is easily obtainable and is not as pricey as it historically used to be. Not only can it be cut, polished, and tooled into the most intricate or the most minimalist of designs, but it can also be ‘rusticated’ if so desired.

Unlike brick and tile which are man-made and contain only a passing degree of variety and uniqueness, marble comes in a broad range of colours, patterns, and types – with no two varieties alike, even if they are sourced from the same quarry and are the same type or hue. This makes your fireplace surround truly one-of-a-kind.

The Appeal of Customised Marble Fire Surrounds for Your Home

Marble has long been maligned in the home-décor world for being the ‘rich man’s choice’, and the sentiment does indeed hold true from an historical vantage-point. But now, with technology making the material less scarce and more easily workable, the appeal of marble has extended to beyond bragging rights and posh aesthetics. Marble and its intricacy, as well as its natural beauty may be timeless, but it is the durability, the resilience and the low-maintenance nature of marble that has made it one of the more popular choices for fireplace surrounds today.

Marble’s credentials as a posh and high-brow building material has likewise remained, and this gives it an added bonus with respect to the overall saleability and resale value of one’s property. Not to mention that old and frequently used marble fireplaces develop their own unique and inimitable patina that is so strongly desired by aesthetes and connoisseurs of fine home décor.

If you’re looking to improve the overall looks of your fireplace without sacrificing practicality and function, and you already have an antique marble fireplace in dire need of restoration, or, if you’re simply hankering for some Old-World appeal, then marble fireplace surrounds will serve you well!

For skilled artisans that provide impeccable marble surround carving, polishing and restoration installation services, please contact Hallett Marble today.

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