Differences in Features and Quality between Marble and Granite

May 24, 2017

When trying to decide whether to install marble or granite in your structure, you need to know the differences in features and quality between these two types of stone. Even though they are both natural elements quarried from the Earth, each one has its own unique characteristics, benefits and care instructions. We explore marble and granite further in the facts below to illustrate their differences in a clear manner.

Marble Facts

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that forms through limestone re-crystallising in the Earth. While the primary colour of it varies from white to black, all marble has a unique veining running through each slab of it and the colouring of this is dependent upon the impurities in the slab. No other natural stone provides such an elegant and a luxurious feature to your home or building as marble does, and this is one reason that property owners gravitate towards it. It is suitable for a variety of uses from ornamental furnishings to flooring. You should understand, though, that for certain uses, such as benchtops, you will need to seal marble to prevent staining and protect it from sharp or rough objects since it is not highly scratch resistant. In addition, marble is heat resistant up to a point, but you need to use trivets and hot pads to safeguard against scorch marks. Marble is cleanable with a mild dish detergent, warm water and a soft cloth.

Characteristics About Granite

Granite is a type of igneous rock that forms through the magma slowly crystallising over time below the surface of the Earth. Similar to marble, granite is ideal for various architectural applications, including kitchen and bathroom benchtops. However, this stone is harder than marble making it more scratch and heat resistant. In fact, you can set hot pots directly onto unsealed granite without fear of scorching. Granite comes in a wide variety of colours today. While certain people fear that this stone harbours bacteria due to its pitting nature, this stone cleans and sanitises easily with mild dish detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Both granite and marble cost about the same to install, but granite does not require periodic sealing in all cases as often as marble does to retain its ideal condition, so granite will cost less in maintenance throughout the years.

For further differences between marble and granite, consult with Hallett Marble. We will guide you to the right choice for your specific purposes. As expert stonemasons, we have a vast experience with all types of natural stone for a wide variety of applications.

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