Church Flooring Options: Natural Stone Options That Work Best

Apil 18, 2017

When selecting a type of stone for church flooring, it is important to understand which of the natural stone options will work best for your specific situation. After all, there are different types, colours and maintenance levels of stone that are suitable for floors in a church. You need to be certain that the stone you choose will stand up through the years with the amount of foot traffic that moves over the floors each week. To facilitate your decision, we offer you a list of options for natural stone flooring and the characteristics of each one.

1. Marble offers a unique option for stone flooring with its veining patterns that differ between slabs. Also, property owners have known of its durability for centuries. With the right care and maintenance, it will last up to five times longer than various other options in flooring, such as laminates. Another benefit of this stone is the fact that you will have an assortment of colour choices from which to select from for your church. All marble should receive a coat of sealer to protect it from moisture and staining. Marble is the pricier choice of the natural stones, though, which you may need to consider if your church is installing a floor on a tight budget.

2. Granite is highly scratch resistant since the only elements harder than it are diamonds, sapphires and rubies. People walking on it each day will not mar it, which means it has lasting ability for your church. Sealing is necessary to prevent granite from absorbing moisture since it is porous.

3. Limestone offers a stylish option for natural stone floors since it is durable, attractive, versatile and easy to clean along with being cost-effective. Limestone also has uniform grade and texture between the slabs.

4. Slate is a highly functional stone for flooring since it is even resistant to slips and stains due to its non-porous nature. Also, the various colours of slate provide and earthy appearance in the area where you install this stone flooring.

5. Sandstone is comprised of mainly feldspar and quartz and comes in colours that include white, gray, yellow, brown, tan and red tones. It makes a durable flooring option for high-traffic areas since it is moisture resistant, attractive and durable.

If you require further details about which natural stone flooring options will be ideal for your church, contact our expert stonemasons here at Hallett Marble. We cut, hone, install, polish and seal when necessary, such types of stone as marble, slate, granite, sandstone, slate, limestone and even bluestone regularly for flooring in churches along with other types of buildings.

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